Unrivaled Precision With Any Mouse

Perfect for: Illustrators, Photographers, Pixel artists,
Retouchers, 3D Artists & Designers

FinalTouch allows you to create a hot key to slow down the speed of your mouse when you need extra precision. This is especially handy if you have large monitors and have your mouse speed set high. Works with all Mac compatible mice and Magic Pad

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FinalTouch® requires Snow Leopard or later.

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The Manual

How to use FinalTouch®

Precision Speed
The lower the percentage the more accurate your mouse becomes.
Select either a single key or a combination of keys as your trigger.
Use the slider to adjust to the desired speed.
Key Mode
Mode 1 Hold down key to maintain alternate speed.
Mode 2 Press key once to set alternate speed. Press again to return to normal.
Turn On/Off
To disable FinalTouch set this to off.
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